Oakland’s ‘California Rowing Club’ prepares collegiate rowers for national teams

OAKLAND, Calif. — Rowers from across the United States and around the world join the California Rowing Club (CRC) to grow technically and physically. It is this world-class training that helps them land coveted spots on national teams.

“I train with the California Rowing Club and hope to compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics,” said Olympian Justin Best.

“The long-term goal is Paris,” explained Olympian Ben Davison. “The short-term goal is to race at the world championships this year and have a good result.”

The CRC exists to provide the development opportunity for collegiate rowers to make the leap from varsity rowing to National Under-23 and Senior Team competition. However, there is no age limit on who can row and how far they can go.

“You can row for a lifetime, we have people competing in their 90s,” explained CRC head coach Michael Teti. “I’ve personally competed in three Olympics…it’s just fun. And you could do it forever.”

The CRC is giving those who accept the Olympic challenge the opportunity to take their own in honor of the late T. Gary Rogers, a UC Berkeley rower. He attempted to make the 1964 Olympic rowing team, but found few options for Olympic-level training on the West Coast.

Unfortunately, he was unable to fulfill his Olympic aspirations. Today, the CRC ensures that rowers around the world can achieve their dreams through proper preparation.

“We’re in Oakland, so the weather is obviously fantastic,” Teti explained. “The water in the morning is usually flat, and it’s really good to ride on it. We’ve got about 12 miles of water that we can ride in all day, all that plus the facilities, you know, it’s a Homer. “

While building physical and technical skills, CRC promotes camaraderie.

“You meet wonderful people, you go to great places, but everyone wants to move the boat faster,” Best explained. “You do it with your friends. You do it with your, you know, longtime teammates, like it’s the best feeling.”

For more information on the California Rowing Club, go here.


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