Dumbarton club closes as boss ‘disgusted’ with Covid passport program



The boss of a popular place in Dumbarton which has closed its doors has “had enough” because the vaccine passports should be deployed in the next two weeks.

The online code will be required for those attending certain large gatherings, including those going to nightclubs.

Stephen Sunnucks, who ran the G82 at the former Cheers premises in Riverside Lane, hands over the keys to the club after having only been open 10 nights since March 2020.

He was raging as he spoke to the Lennox Herald on Friday, after the SNP government unhesitatingly approved plans to introduce the program which is slated to launch on October 1.

Stephen said: “I am disgusted.

“The government does not allow people to make their own choices.

“We were hit the hardest at the start and now we’re hit again.

“We don’t tell you anything about the process, just the fact that it is happening. How are we supposed to control this? It is left to us. I had enough.”

Nightclubs were the last businesses to open as lockdown restrictions were relaxed. They were only able to trade for a little over a month after closing at the start of the pandemic.

And Stephen admits it wasn’t easy. He said, “It’s been careful, very, very careful.

“We’re even struggling to get customers to comply with tracking and traceability, which we have to do.

“It was an effort to get them to do this.

“To show them a vaccination passport when some young people have not even had their second vaccination is ridiculous. “

He says that the fact that the area has been bankrupt for so long and the difficulties in maintaining the custom with many challenges led him to hand over the keys for the lease of the building.

Stephen said: “I made the decision to close and that’s it.

“I can’t stand this. The vaccine passports were an important part of my decision. We only traded for 10 nights after reopening and I call it a day.

“The owner was very friendly. “

He said: “We have tried to reinvigorate the town of Dumbarton, but the problem is that there are no pre-club venues. The people of Dumbarton wouldn’t go to Dumbarton for a party, they would either go to Glasgow or to Balloch. I thought I could turn the tide, but there aren’t enough pubs in town to give people a choice. The Covid did not help. “

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said vaccine certification would be part of a series of measures to help “stem the increase in cases”.

In addition to nightclubs, from October 1, proof of vaccination will be required to enter adult entertainment venues, live indoor events without a seat with more than 500 people in the audience, live events open air without a seat, with more than 4,000 people in the audience and any event with more than 10,000 people in attendance.

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