Coast Guard move to Yacht Club canceled



The Frankston Coast Guard will not complete its long-awaited move to the Frankston Yacht Club building.

The Coast Guard’s move to the Yacht Club building was approved by Frankston Council in 2019. The Coast Guard would occupy the first floor of the space.

At their last meeting, councilors voted in favor of permanent accommodation for the Coast Guard at the Frankston Mechanics Institute.

When they made the decision to move the Coast Guard to the Yacht Club building in October 2019, councilors also voted to “commit $ 400,000 in the 2020/21 strategic reserve budget to undertake development work and associated construction on the first floor of the Frankston Yacht Club Facility to provide permanent accommodation to [the Coast Guard] to the facility of the Frankston Yacht Club subject to appropriate occupancy agreement and approvals. (“Coast Guard move to Yacht Club checked” The temperature 21/1019) ”.

In its 2020/2021 budget, the council agreed to devote more money to the redevelopment. During his mid-year budget review, he carried over $ 1 million in funding for work into the next budget (“Delays in Council Project Funding” The temperature 25/1/21). As part of the decision to abandon the Yacht Club move, the board will return a budget allocation of $ 400,000 from its strategic reserve.

Council will allocate $ 210,000 in its 2021/22 capital budget from the strategic reserve to redevelop the Frankston Mechanics Institute, subject to an occupancy agreement.

The motion councilors voted on said council officers had worked with the Coast Guard and DELWP to find a suitable site for the storage of rescue vehicles. Councilors agreed that “the most appropriate solution involves an integrated facility with improved public toilets at the Olivers Hill base at an estimated total cost of $ 1,225,000,” but further investigations are expected.

The report prepared by council officers states that “following ongoing investigations into the viability of the proposed restaurant on the first floor of the Frankston Yacht Club facilities, councilors were subsequently advised that the entire space the first floor should be reserved in order to meet the requirements of a Gourmet Restaurant. “

“Discussions are underway with the FCG regarding their long-term hosting and the FCG has agreed that the Mechanics Institute could be used as a long-term hosting solution,” the report said. “FCG temporarily occupies the two front meeting rooms of the Frankston Mechanics Institute under a council approved occupancy agreement (peppercorn rental) since the demolition of the FCG facility. “

The Yacht Club building had become a problematic project for the council since its construction, costing taxpayers millions over the past five years when it was mostly vacant.

Earlier this year, the council announced that it had entered into a lease with a cafe to move into the building.

Negotiations with a potential tenant failed in 2019 after the discovery of a potentially dangerous coating inside the building (“No more problems for the Yacht Club building” The temperature 02/09/19).

First published in the Frankston Times – September 14, 2021



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