Fathom Yacht Club Launches World’s First NFT Membership at Real-World Yacht Club | News


The world’s first NFT social yacht club membership with exclusive access to charter yachts and other VIP experiences.

MIAMI, April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Combining the best of the digital and real worlds, Fathom Yacht Club has launched in Miami as the world’s first token membership in a social yacht club. With a private subscription purchased through an NFT, Fathom offers exclusive access to charter yachts and other VIP experiences, with a variety of global locations in the works.

“No matter where you live, you can enjoy a host of bespoke virtual and real-world experiences through this unique social club for our Fathom Token holders,” said jessica chase, Co-founder, Fathom Yacht Club. “We are already cultivating an incredible global community of innovators who love creating value while curating great new experiences on water and land.”

Fathom Yacht Club membership will provide exclusive access to virtual and real-world members-only events, as well as motor and prestige yachts in a variety of sizes for single-day or multi-day use. The Fathom token can be sold, transferred, or leased to others in the secondary market. Other sites will include Ibiza, the Bahamian and Southern Californiawith future plans for the Caribbean, Cape San Lucas, Greece, Croatia, Italy and Singaporeamong others.

Recognizing the critical importance of the health of the world’s oceans, Fathom Yacht Club will donate 10% of all royalties annually to a charity dedicated to ocean conservation and explore how to integrate clean technologies into our operations.


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About Fathom Yacht Club

The world’s first token membership in a social yacht club with dedicated access to real-world yachts, Fathom Yacht Club offers bespoke member-only events across the globe. Token holders get access to VIP events and experiences in the virtual and real world. For more information, please visit https://fathomyachtclub.com/

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