Imray Explorer Guides: Tides, Tidal Currents, Moon – Review



Yachting Monthly literary critic Julia Jones reviews the first three books in the new Imray Explorer Guides range

Imray Explorer Guides
Tides, Tidal Wave, The Moon
Guillaume thompson
Imray, £ 8.50 each £ 22 for three

These three little booklets represent an interesting new approach to ‘explanation’.

A few concepts are introduced in each booklet with infographics, links to download and build simple paper models, calculation pages and (most important) clues to look for in the real world.

The three booklets are closely related in both style and content, with a significant amount of repetition being used to ensure connections are made.

While readers may wonder about this use of paper, teachers will recognize an essential technique. It also means that the books can be read in any order.

Although common sense suggests that the tides should come first, I started with The Moon and appreciated the different perspective.

The central concept conveyed in Tides is that of a single long wave moving in large circles, deeply affected by the shape of the coastlines, water depths and weather conditions.

The Moon instills an understanding of the different characteristics of each phase and what can be learned by glancing upwards at the “tide chart in the sky”.

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Tidal Streams explains (brilliantly enough I thought) why the ebb tides occur and the direction of the flow changes when the big main wave is always constantly moving in one direction.

This is particularly useful for considering and calculating low water time – not always as obvious as it might seem from tide tables.

William Thomson is a sailor, he is currently exploring the world with his young family and runs

Imray Explorer Guides - Tidal Currents

He is also a diving instructor and swimmer.

People use the sea and rivers in different ways – surfing, kite-surfing, paddle-boarding – each discipline having different needs for example to stay still when exploring a wreck, to move quickly when sailing. navigation.

Understanding the basic concepts is helpful for everyone.

It might be easy to assume that the approach of these little books would be more suitable for younger children as they learn to understand the marine world, but too many of us older people might rely on an approach. reference table based on tables and will find it refreshing to make new links between what we know – by consulting a tidal atlas for example – and what we observe at the strangled entrance to a port.

More titles are planned for the Imray Explorer Guides series.

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