Strictly’s Rose Ayling-Ellis’ training fight with Giovanni Pernice revealed


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Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice are definitely the ones to watch this year Come dance strictly. However, things haven’t been so smooth in the rehearsal rooms as the duo may face unexpected obstacles.

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According to the host Claudia winkleman, the EastEnders star revealed that when it rains, his workout is affected because the weather interferes with the vibrations in his chest.

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“Rose is fantastic… she’s really funny. I hope it shows. She’s a fabulous dancer. Being deaf comes at the bottom of Rose’s extraordinary charm list,” a- she declared. The big problem.

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“But it’s really interesting to discover things. For example, she has a hard time training when it really rains because it disrupts the vibrations in her chest.

“I said, ‘What are they doing in the schools? What are people doing at work? ‘ I had no idea. The way at first she always had to see Gio’s face, but now she can dance without seeing his face. She is incredible. “

Earlier this month, Rose and Giovanni created one of the most memorable moments in Strictly history when they danced to a silent moment for 10 seconds to Symphony by Clean Bandit with the choice of couple.


Rose and Giovanni during their couple’s choice dance

Speaking of the 10 seconds of silence, Rose later said on This morning: “I think it was a special time for me because most of the time you always see a deaf person getting along and doing what’s normal, but you don’t see how much hard work is behind it.

“I think the moment of silence was to show, ‘This is what I do when I dance – this is the amount of work I do, but I always do it with a smile on my face.’ This is my message and it is a big part of what deaf people go through. “

Giovanni was then asked if he had the “best dance partner,” to which he replied: “100 percent. I’m a professional dancer, I’ve been doing it for 23 years.

“Even 10 seconds of silence was so hard because in those 10 seconds you have to think about your steps and you have to think about keeping the pace and I was like, ‘Now I understand what she’s going through. “The 10 seconds was powerful, it was very, very, very good.”

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