Royal yacht Coweslip back on the Isle of Wight for an event


In its heyday, Coweslip was probably one of the most photographed boats in the world, although beautiful as it is, it was its skipper who was the center of attention.

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Coweslip, was owned by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and was regularly sailed at Cowes Week by the Prince and Uffa Fox.

Coweslip is due to return to his original home, Commodores House on the Cowes waterfront, for a few days during the Uffa Fox 50 Celebration Regatta, Thursday through Sunday (August 18-21).

Notice the clean lines of Coweslip. Here she is pictured at the Classic Boat Museum, Isle of Wight, in 2016.

The UF50 regatta is organized by the Royal London Yacht Club.

Coweslip is on loan from Her Majesty the Queen from the Royal Collection.

The loan was arranged with the Classic Boat Museum and the current owner of Commodores House, John Terry, who is making the dock available.

Coweslip is Flying Fifteen number 192 and was a wedding present from the people of Cowes to Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten.

The Flying Fifteens are one of Uffa’s most enduring and internationally sailed designs, with over 4,000 built and new boats launched each year.

Coweslip was first sailed by her Royal owner in Malta’s Grand Harbor, following her delivery there in December 1949 on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier HMS Glory.

Prince Philip was stationed with the Royal Navy in Malta between 1949 and 1951. Coweslip then sailed regularly at Cowes Week from 1951.

WATCH: Prince Philip sailing on Coweslip

Coweslip was also frequently used when Prince Charles and Princess Anne were growing up and learning to sail, during holidays in Scotland as well as in the Solent.

With her simple detachable bulbous keel, at 20 feet, Coweslip was just small enough to be carried on the roof of Uffa’s big Packard car, and Uffa took her to several regattas around the coast to race her successfully on behalf of Prince Philip.

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