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Residents of the trail can expect to hear gunshots on Saturday evening (November 20).

But don’t worry, it’s all part of the 44 Field Engineer Squadron Trail’s nightly weapons training at the Casino Gun Range.

“No, there is no Saturday night zombie attack or major drug trafficking,” Casino Range manager Bill Wenman said. “It’s just the army doing their annual night shoot.”

Concerned citizens have reacted to the training in the past, so Wenman wants to warn the public ahead of time that there will be noise from automatic weapons and flares lighting up the night sky.

“Part of the squadron’s training is training for night shooting,” said Wenman. “They’ll set off flares, and as the flares go off, they’ll need to be able to adjust their eyesight … and of course the noise seems louder at the quieter time of the day. night.”

Wenman says there will be up to 20-30 soldiers who will undergo training and fire weapons as soon as night falls and until 3 a.m.

“Eight to 10 can only shoot at a time, so you could have three relays, which is why it takes longer.”

They regret any inconvenience, but it’s all part of their mandatory military training, Wenman says.

The Reserve Force of the Canadian Armed Forces, 44 Squadron is based in Trail with a satellite location in Cranbrook and is part of the 39th Combat Engineer Regiment.

Soldiers in the unit are trained as combat engineers and engineer officers. Engineers build everything the military needs and make sure it can go wherever it needs to go. They are the army’s experts in the construction of roads, bridges and buildings, fortification, boat operations, demolition and explosives.

The 44th has been used by Trail since its creation in 1947.

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