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Caroline Navarro is a real tour de force, full of life, energy, enthusiasm and dynamism, which explodes from his latest collection of paintings on display at the Saratoga Hotel in Palma until October 24. Regardless of artists and art lovers, for anyone looking to bring some sun and light into their lives, the exhibition is a must see.

Caroline was born in Guernsey in the Channel Islands – her father is Maltese and her mother Scottish / Irish – and raised in Malta. Her desire to become an internationally renowned artist developed after completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the National Art School in Sydney.

She was chosen to participate in a mural project as part of the Sydney Olympics, which led her to be chosen as an artist to represent Malta at the CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) in 2002. She was also mandated by the Maltese government to undertake a tour of Australia, exhibiting in all major cities, and she eventually became the island’s unofficial cultural ambassador, flying the flag of Malta through her art all over the world.

Subsequently, she exhibited her Maltese-inspired paintings at the The United Nations in New York, in central London at the Commonwealth Society and at Harrods as part of Malta Week in 2012. Caroline was part of an artistic response to domestic violence in Paris at Montmartre town hall in 2010 and a collective of female paintings in Seville the year before. In 2008 Caroline was chosen to represent Malta at an art symposium in Pescara, Italy, where her work is on display at the Pescara Contemporary Art Museum.

Now, 21 years after graduating from Sydney Art School, she is hosting her first exhibition in Mallorca – although she is no stranger to the island.

“While studying in Sydney, I got involved in the yachting industry in Australia Yacht Club Cruise, seat of the Sydney / Hobart yacht race, and when I finally decided to return to Europe, I started working on super yachts as a chef. It suited me perfectly. I love to cook and paint, sometimes I don’t know what I like best, I just like to be creative.

“But working on the super-yacht not only allowed me to travel, which my parents always encouraged me to do, but also to work during intensive periods and then have the free time I needed to paint. So this turned out to be the perfect combination for me and it was while working on yachts that I first came to Mallorca around 15 years ago. I immediately fell in love with the island. The surroundings, the great light, the vibrant energy of the island and the wonderful colors of the sea and the mountains, plus I felt a kind of kinship with Malta – two extraordinary islands in their own right.

“I then returned to Malta where I obtained a Masters in Tourism, based on my experience in the yachting industry. These were the first articles of their kind in Malta and I spent the next five years working as a consultant for Camper & Nicholson in the Grand Port marina. It was wonderful and very exciting to be involved in the staging and organization of regattas, boat shows etc. 2018. “

Palma’s collection features acrylic paintings on paper and canvas dating from his return to the island.

“What I like the most Mallorca it is being able to go out and paint in the open air. Sometimes I can finish a piece in one sitting, while others can take longer. It depends on my mood, the weather or if I’m hungry.

“It’s outside that I like to paint. It’s a lot more interactive with my subjects, plus I meet all kinds of people, it’s a great marketing tool. Over the years, a number of people have stopped to watch me paint, take a picture, chat, and eventually buy one of my pieces. It’s a lot more exciting and productive than being locked in a studio.

“The reason some of the paintings are on paper is because I painted them while sailing and it’s more conducive to use paper than canvas while floating on water. And from the sea, I can get a totally different perspective and view of the island. Having said that, my favorite part of Mallorca to paint is the Tramuntana, the area between Deya and Valldemossa – all this coastline and the mountains, it is a beautiful and very inspiring setting. ”

With her super yacht cap, she cannot stress the importance of Palma as a nautical hub in the Mediterranean.

“When I was working in industry in Malta I tried to showcase some of the many features that I had witnessed and experienced while working in Mallorca. Besides the glorious sea and the sail, the nautical infrastructures is truly unrivaled globally.

“Over the years at sea, I have visited many of the most popular nautical destinations from Asia to the Caribbean, not to mention the Mediterranean, and Palma is really the benchmark. He set the standard so high for the overhaul and repair industry as well as the quality of excellent ports and marinas. It is a year round industry which is extremely important to the local economy. Many former captains have settled on the island, which has injected a huge amount of first-class experience into the industry and attracted people from all over the world to Palma and Mallorca in general.

“Whenever I consult outside the island I use Mallorca as an example, whether it is the services in the industry or the quality of the regattas, and that will only grow and continue to improve.”

Her constant thirst for travel and new experiences took her away from Mallorca early last year. She and her partner moved to Lisbon just as the The blockages of the Covid were applied and this is where the pandemic passed.

“We tried to move around, I wanted to paint the glorious city, but we were limited, so I started painting Lisbon from memory and images I found on social media. I spent the pandemic painting – this exhibition in Palma was supposed to take place last year but for obvious reasons was postponed. My next exhibition, which was also scheduled for December 2020 in Gouda Holland, is the next one to open. But I will always maintain my links with Mallorca, especially the Nit d’Art which I attended for the first time. I’ll be back. I really like it here. “

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