Inside Johnny Depp’s former yacht, the $27 million Amphitrite


Johnny Depp purchased a yacht from Turkish shipyard Proteksan Turquoise yacht in 2007. The yacht is known for its art deco interior and “pirate ship” design.

Johnny Depp’s yacht in Zattere on April 26, 2010.

Barbara Zanon/Getty Images

Depp bought the Turkish-made yacht for an undisclosed sum and named it “Vajoliroja”. At the time, he was dating Vanessa Paradis. The name of the yacht is a combination of their names, as well as those of their children, Lily-Rose and Jack.

Depp and Paradis were seen enjoying the yacht several times with their daughter Lily-Rose in 2011. The couple separated in 2012.

When Depp married Amber Heard in 2015, he renamed the yacht “Amphitrite”. Fifteen months after the wedding, Heard filed for divorce. The couple are now embroiled in a fierce lawsuit that began in April.

The yacht played a role in Heard’s testimony against Depp. Heard claimed Depp pinned her against the wall in one of the cabins on the yacht. Heard said Depp was drunk and upset that he had to sell the boat. Depp has denied ever abusing or assaulting Heard.

Depp sold the yacht to JK Rowling in 2015 for $27 million. The yacht has since been sold to an American businessman and is now called “Arriva”.


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