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Arcadia Yachts Sherpa 80 XL makes its debut at the Venice Boat Show

For the first time, Arcadia Yachts is participating in the Venice Boat Show, which takes place from May 28 to June 5 at the Arsenale, where it will present Sherpa 80 XL. The 24-meter model whose fourth unit order has just been placed, with a beam of 7 meters which embodies the most attractive strengths of the brand will be among the participants. at the fall shows, which makes it an opportunity to diversify and broaden the target of potential owners. As Boutique Yard, we continue to introduce practical solutions that increase well-being on board, making Arcadia Yachts products ever more attractive and with ever shorter delivery times,” said Francesco Ansalone, Marketing and Communication Manager of Arcadia Yachts. This model is designed for all homeowners whose priority is to share their space and time with friends and family, a trend that has become increasingly important in recent years, reflecting a sincere desire for privacy, affection, relaxation and contact with nature. The large windows not only provide breathtaking views, but can also be opened to allow the owner and guests to enjoy the sea breeze even when in the skylounge. The shipyard believes that true respect for nature is essential in both exterior and interior spaces, not only to take advantage of the benefits this brings in terms of well-being, but also to limit the impact on the environment. Arcadia Yachts is based in Naples, Italy. Since 2008, Arcadia Yachts has been building semi-custom luxury composite yachts and has managed to seamlessly integrate craftsmanship, modern technologies, attention to detail and the environment. The Arcadia Yachts fleet has included two ranges since September 2016. The first and most characteristic of the shipyard’s ranges is the A range which includes 4 models (A85, A85s, A105 and A115). The Sherpa range is enriched with a new model, the 24m Sherpa XL, which was launched during the Cannes Yachting Festival 2019. Credits: Arcadia Yachts

May 5, 2022


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