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As a manufacturing hub, Danville offers a training model that more recently includes a federal pilot project attracting participants nationwide to core defense industry trades.

The third cohort of students — including 35 adult learners from 14 states — graduated from the accelerated defense manufacturing training program on August 5.

This hands-on 16-week program develops skilled workers with industry-recognized credentials for employment in the defense industry.

It trains workers in key trades to fill skill gaps in welding, CNC machining, quality control inspection and additive manufacturing. The program was developed as a public-private consortium between the U.S. Department of Defense, Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, Danville Community College, Phillips Corporation, and The Spectrum Group, in coordination with industry partners of maritime defense and Navy stakeholders.

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Graduates of the Additive Manufacturing program have received their certificates of completion and are joined by DCC Additive Manufacturing Instructor Eric Collie (left).

Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, contributed

Scaling up the program is a priority effort in the Submarine Industrial Base budget, and a key enabler in the Navy’s ability to achieve and sustain the required submarine production rate, to deliver construction of the Navy’s priority No. 1 Columbia-class submarine and to provide sustainment. existing platforms. This program is also positioned to impact all maritime programs and platforms and includes addressing labor constraints at shipbuilders, shipyards and the sub-tier supply chain.

“At all levels of our industrial base, workforce preparation is not a choice, it is an absolute requirement for success. Graduates of the ATDM program are how I know our Navy and our nation will continue to lead in the maritime realm,” said Admiral Scott Pappano, Strategic Submarine Program Director. “There is nothing more important than ensuring we have the workforce to lead, innovate and execute our Navy’s programs and platforms, and this pipeline provides those men and women an incredible opportunity to join our mission in family careers that are in critical demand.”

The Institute leads the multi-year pilot project to test and evaluate the program as a training platform for regional training centers supporting the defense industrial base. The pilot project is funded by the National Imperative for Industrial Skills initiative which was launched in 2020 by the Industrial Base Sustainment and Analysis Program Office of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Development. maintenance.


CNC Machining participants pose with their Certificates of Completion, accompanied by DCC Precision Machining Instructor Justin Owen (left) and DCC Machining Technician Wesley Cifers (right).

Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, contributed

“IALR continues to serve as a model of intentional and effective workforce development initiatives to generate a sustainable pipeline of work-ready talent for high-performance manufacturers and other target industries,” said Telly Tucker, President of the Institute. “We thank our ATDM partners and congratulate these students for their achievements; Knowing that we have been instrumental in securing high quality employment for these men and women while helping our country’s defense manufacturers is extremely gratifying.

The program is tailored to the skills and training needs of the shipbuilding and defense industrial base sustainment sector. Training takes place in Danville at the Institute and DCC campuses, and DCC serves as the program provider.

“We are extremely proud of the DCC Knights who have completed ATDM training,” said Jerry Wallace, president of Danville Community College. “Thanks to our strong partnership with the Institute of Higher Education and Research, access to this unique specialized training is available right here in Danville. These students have mastered skills over the past four months that will propel them into well-paying careers, impacting the defense manufacturing industry for years to come. We can’t wait to see where their hard work and dedication will take them.

Phillips Corporation serves as the technology provider for the training program and provides the latest equipment for high-quality, industry-focused training.


Graduates of the Quality Control Inspection (Metrology) program celebrate receiving their certificates with CDC Dimensional Metrology Instructor Josh Worthley (right) and CDC Metrology Technician Jacob Corvin (left).

Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, contributed

“Phillips Corporation is very pleased to continue its training and advanced manufacturing roles with IALR’s ATDM program,” said Rick Morgan, Phillips Corporation Director. “A great example of mission-related success for this program is that Phillips hired a recent ATDM graduate from one of the four training programs, in this case a member of the Additive Manufacturing training cohort. Our newest employee, a Marine Corps veteran, will live and work in Danville for Phillips Corporation on additive manufacturing and other advanced manufacturing projects as part of Phillips’ ongoing commitment and dedication to programs.” Team Danville”.

The Institute held a completion ceremony on August 5. Debra Holley, program director, and Wallace presented certificates of completion.

Commissioner Daniel Gade of the Virginia Department of Veterans Services was the keynote speaker. Students came from Hawaii, California, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts.


Danville Community College welding instructor Brian Penny (front, center) celebrates with graduating welding cohort along with DCC welding technician Darrell Buchanan (second from right).

Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, contributed

Of the 35 graduates, two are Navy veterans, two are serving Navy members and three are Afghan allies. Fourteen of the students were tenured workers, sponsored by their employers to advance and develop their skills. Sponsoring industry partners included Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Curtiss-Wright (New York), Bearon Manufacturing (Pennsylvania), and others.

Other graduates work with placement staff to secure employment. To date, students have received offers from Newport News Shipbuilding, Electric Boat and BWX Technologies.


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