CSM signs crew training contract with Nautilus Pacific Maritime Training


Posted on August 23, 2022 4:14 PM by

The Maritime Executive

Columbia Shipmanagement underscored its commitment to high-level training for its crew by signing an agreement with the Nautilus Pacific Maritime Training Center in Manila to become the exclusive training center for its sailors in the Philippines.

The agreement, which is effective immediately, means CSM can leverage state-of-the-art simulators, holograms and webinar technology to bring together the highest quality in-person and online seafarer training.

Up to 5,000 Columbia sailors will be trained each year at Nautilus’ multimillion-dollar purpose-built training facility. The International Maritime Training Fund (IMTF) helped fund part of the new equipment and the Union of Naval Officers and Associate Seamen of the Philippines (AMOSUP) gave its full support to the initiative.

The 1700m2 The training center has completely renewed its facilities and equipment to include many modern classrooms, all fully equipped and approved for asynchronous and synchronous online training.

The center also includes an impressive number of high-tech Wärtsilä simulators, including a full mission deck simulator, equipped with a rear sight and suitable for ice navigation on many ship models, as well as the Model Wizard tools and Wärtsilä’s Engine Room Simulator capable of simulating multiple engines and models.

The training center also has a simulator for handling liquid cargoes (including oil, chemicals, LPG and LNG), several ECDIS simulators, several mini-bridge simulators as well as a new ship simulator rescue, the first of its kind in the Philippines. It has also built a dedicated chemical tank truck workshop and wall washing test training and there are plans to upgrade its electrical and electronic workshops and introduce crane handling training.

Nautilus will enhance the reach and reach of its training courses using holograms through CSM’s PORTL technology. CSM strongly believes in the power of digitalization and has invested in this pioneering technology to not only elevate its training capacity to new levels, but also to put its money where it is when it comes to sustainability by replacing excessive global travel with holograms. facilitated international business meetings.

Stavros Tiliakos, Owner’s Representative at Nautilus, said: “Seafarers’ well-being was our top priority when designing the new premises. Thus, in an innovative way, Nautilus has built a very comfortable waiting area equipped with a large touch screen allowing sailors to interact with the administration and access their training schedules. The center also includes meeting rooms, a large, well-designed pantry and a large, colorful library.

Mark O’Neil, President and CEO of Columbia, added, “We are committed to providing the highest quality and most effective training to our sailors in the Philippines and around the world. What has been achieved at the Nautilus Pacific Maritime Training Center is revolutionary and we are delighted to work with them.

Captain Faouzi Fradi, Crewing and Training Group Director at CSM, welcomed the agreement with Nautilus, saying CSM was delighted to work with a partner of their quality.

He said: “This is about ensuring the safe operation and management of our vessels. The fact that we can run online courses as well as in-person courses at the highest level, whether STCW or company specific, with the quality of trainers and instructors that we can call on, puts CSM in a very strong position.

Captain Noriel Cereno, General Manager of Nautilus, said, “Nautilus is proud to work with Columbia to take the training of sailors in the Philippines to the next level. The quality of the state-of-the-art facilities at our new premises will only prove to our existing and potential customers, our commitment to quality and the effective training of their crew.

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