CLA Invasive Aquatic Patrol Training Offered


AREA — The Community Lakes Association (CLA) is hosting three invasive plant patrol trainings. The key to protecting our ponds and lakes from invasive infestations is prevention, early detection, rapid response and management. Early detection by volunteer patrols of invasive plants is essential to help save our lakes and ponds from ecological and economic disaster.

10am, July 10 – meet at the Christopher Lake boat launch, Lake Road.
10am, July 23 – meet at the Christopher Lake boat launch, Lake Road.
10am, August 13 – meet at the Round Pond boat launch (opposite the local hub).

We will conduct a brief field orientation where we will provide invasive plant samples and conduct an identification session. Then kayak to the designated areas, each participant will receive a waterproof invasive aquatic plant identification booklet to use when patrolling the pond. We will learn how to carefully collect plant samples for further examination. Bring your canoe or kayak. If you need to borrow one, please contact Cheryl – [email protected] (207-890-6761)

ACL’s mission is: “To protect and enhance the ecosystems of our lakes and ponds and to promote respectful stewardship among all users of the Greenwood and Woodstock waterways.

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