Yacht Rock Revue docks in Albuquerque

Left to right Mark Dannells, Peter Olson, Nicholas Niespodziani and Greg Lee of Yacht Rock Revue. The cover band is set to headline Downtown Summerfest on August 6 at Civic Plaza. (Courtesy of Zach Wetzel/Yacht Rock Revue)

Music lovers don’t need a powerful ship or a large body of water to thrill to the sweet sounds of Yacht Rock Revue.

They just need a way to get downtown and back on August 6th.

The Atlanta-based soft rock band is set to headline Downtown Summerfest, the third installment in the city of Albuquerque’s four-concert series. The popular act rose to prominence as a cover band, but they start slipping in original material during sets.

“Because our band are in that weird in-between, between the normal cover band circuit and being legitimate artists, we’re often not considered festival-friendly,” said Nick Niespodziani, lead singer of Yacht Rock Review. the Summerfest Attendance Journal. “So that’s kind of a fun thing for us.”

The set is inspired by the sound of the 70s and 80s with fluid rock rhythms accompanied by brass and synthesizers. They cover the likes of Hall & Oates, Steely Dan and Kenny Loggins.

Yacht Rock Revue originally started as a novelty tribute act to feel-good songs from a breezy, bouncy music era. They grew in popularity and ended up filling venues across the country.

Yet as composers with an eclectic musical background that includes a stint in the world of early 2000s indie rock as the band YOU, their desire to create has remained a necessity. Yacht Rock Revue released their first album of original tracks in 2020, “Hot Dads in Tight Jeans”. Regarding the animated title, Niespodziani shared that the combined group has at least more than 10 children between them, ranging from kindergarten to college.

He said of touring as a family man: “It’s a challenge, especially with the little ones, to say goodbye. They’re at the age where they cry when you leave, and it’s heartbreaking no matter how many times it happens. … They kind of grew up understanding that that’s what Dad does.

Yacht Rock Revue still mostly plays covers during their set, but slowly incorporates their originals into the mix. Niespodziani admitted it was intimidating to place the band’s songs next to classic artist hits, but was also surprised that audiences embraced the band’s original tracks, which was gratifying.

“The limitation of songwriting in yacht rock almost became an inspiration in itself,” Niespodziani explained of the band’s sound. “We wanted it to be true to the genre we’re playing, but we didn’t want it to be a pastiche. … We wanted it to have a certain modernity, we wanted it to be true to ourselves.

The 10-song album skillfully captures the aura of the generation they cover. “Step” and “House in the Clouds” have infectious beats, and “Bad Tequila” is an easy-to-sing song – and will bring out the innate human instinct to dance to a catchy tune, even if it’s just a kick for self-proclaimed rhythmless individuals.

With their smooth, polished cadence, Yacht Club Revue is ready to help music lovers of all generations move and groove to classic hits from decorated artists – and perhaps discover new modern favorites – this Saturday under the stars of the desert. No boat required.

Niespodziani said of playing in front of fun crowds: “It’s the ultimate thing for us, it’s our fuel, it’s what keeps us going. This exchange of energy with the public… we are completely vibrating on that.

Baracutanga, Phil Rocker and Black Pearl Band NM will join Yacht Club Revue on the bill. The concert will begin at 5 p.m. at the Civic Plaza.


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