Why Fans Think They Know Who Replaces Tom


Bravo’s Under Deck Sailing Yacht is about to change personnel, with viewers thinking they know who Tom’s replacement will be on deck.


Like Sailboat under the bridge fans prepare to say goodbye to Tom Pearson, many think they know who his replacement will be. Tom was let go in the final episode for not having his head in the game, with fans agreeing with captain Glenn Shephard’s decision to fire Tom. The big question in the minds of viewers is who will replace the former deckhand.

The 23-year-old England native was not having a good yachting season before being laid off. After an anchor watch that scared off most of the crew, Captain Glenn was forced to fire Tom for his lack of responsibility. Although this was a major life lesson and perhaps a hard pill for Tom to swallow, it was ultimately the right decision. Viewers first met Tom when he joined Parsifal III at the start of Season 3 as a seaman under First Lieutenant Gary King. It was hard for Tom to stay away from the drama, especially after finding himself in a love triangle between himself, Gary and third hostess Ashley Marti. It also didn’t help that he fell ill in Captain Glenn’s room the first night. As fans say goodbye to Tom, many already think they know who his replacement will be.


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A Reddit group thinks they have found out who the new deckhand will be. The user shared a photo of Tom’s alleged replacement, Barnaby Birkbeck, who naturally loves water. After taking a look at Barnaby’s social media, it looks like he’s friends with most of the current cast members of BDSY, including Gary, Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae. Barnaby has less than 2,000 subscribers, but it’ll be fair to assume the numbers will increase once he’s introduced. Barnaby enjoys restoring old and vintage cars and turning them into electric cars. The potential BDSY the sailor even owns his own company, Electric Car Converts.

With most of Barnaby’s Instagram locations located somewhere in England, fans are assuming he might be British, just like Tom. While he might not be a 40-year-old to Ashely, he’s utterly handsome. His car website says he is from East Sussex, which is located in the southeast of England on the Channel coast with perfect conditions for sailing. Needless to say, he might be a little more qualified than Tom. At first glance, Barnaby is single and ready to mingle. He also seems very comfortable on the water, as he also enjoys scuba diving and kite surfing.

Yes Sailboat under the bridge the fans are right and Barnaby is the next member to be added to the team, there is no doubt that they will be in good hands. Barnaby seems regimented and able to understand the rules and follow them. Captain Glenn and Gary will be able to sleep soundly at night, knowing that the anchor will no longer drive the boat onto the dangerous rocks that surround the mega yacht.

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Source: Reddit, Barnaby Birkbeck/Instagram

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