This luxury yacht combines sustainable design with hybrid propulsion and solar energy


More and more yacht customers wish to explore beyond traditional exotic sites and are also concerned about the environmental footprint of their boats. Explorer Yachts are intended for traveling to remote areas while being self-sufficient, rugged and fully equipped for extended cruises in secluded locations.

While most contemporary explorer yachts are equally stylish and luxurious, Arksen adds another layer that makes them even more special – durable design and hybrid operation. Its Explorer series includes three models, Arksen 65, Arksen 75 and Arksen 85. Arksen 85, the flagship of the series, was introduced as a sustainable concept and first sold as Project Ocean.

Today, the company is building the second Arksen 85, Project Pelagos, which will be delivered to its owner in November 2022. This 88-foot (27-meter) long yacht, with a six-cabin configuration, promises an extension of 7,000 nautical boats. distance in miles at 9 knots, with a top speed of 14 knots. It is designed to work in different types of climates, in harsh weather conditions, for long periods of time, without external support.

The Pelagos project can be fitted with an optional hybrid propulsion system, and it becomes a zero-emission vessel when operating in full electric mode. In addition, it is also equipped with solar panels. Another innovative feature is the waste management equipment which allows zero discharge. Add to that the durable hull design, made of aluminum with up to 40% recycled content, and you will see why this yacht is not only powerful, but also environmentally friendly.

The choice of materials and the overall interior design were also intended to reflect the brand’s commitment to sustainability, in collaboration with Design Unlimited. But the Pelagos project is not just a connection with nature. It also reveals an elegant design, comfortable living spaces and a huge payload capacity. Tenders and submersibles up to 6 meters (19.7 feet) can be stored on the aft deck, while smaller vehicles can be stowed in the galley.

The adventure does not stop there. A third sustainable exploration yacht Arksen 85 is expected to begin construction by the end of this year, with delivery scheduled for 2023.


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