The Suisun Marsh Duck Club was destroyed by fire to be rebuilt


FAIRFIELD – A Suisun Marsh duck club lost to fire will once again take flight.

The Solano County Planning Commission, in a 4-1 vote Thursday night, approved a use permit for the SF Gun Club to rebuild and operate a private duck club with reconstruction of a private clubhouse that can accommodate up to 12 members, covered parking, reconstruction of a wharf and placement of storage units.

Commissioner Kay Cayler dissented. She wanted a different language for the road maintenance section, a requirement that other panel members felt could be addressed in the agreement between new and old operators.

The club, previously operated by the West Wind Duck Club but lost in a fire, will be located on 351 acres at 2886 Grizzly Island Road, approximately 5 miles south of Suisun City. It is bordered by Montezuma Slough to the east and north and Frost Slough to the west, according to the staff report to the commission.

However, the old club had no operating license.

“Per Solano County regulations, any development in the Suisun Swamp. . . will be subject to obtaining a marshland development permit in accordance with the Suisun Marshland Preservation Act 1977,” the staff report states. “Where a land use subject to a marsh development permit, such as this project, is proposed within both the primary management area and the secondary management area, as defined in the Preservation Act 1977 of the Suisun marshes, the use of the land must be subject to a use permit covering the whole project.

The property is under a Williamson Act contract.

“The project would replace and consolidate the two accommodation structures destroyed by fire and construct a new 3,855 square foot accommodation/lodge with eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms and a 2,817 square foot terrace. The new accommodation structure would be 1,985 square feet less than the combined total of the original lodge structures,” the staff report states.

The garage and storage space would be located below the main level. Two shade structures, totaling 2,640 square feet, and four 40-foot shipping containers would be placed on site.

“A four-berth wharf would be rebuilt with a duck shed. According to the plans, no underwater work would be required to rebuild the boat dock. The boat ramps will be pre-cast on land and placed in the quagmire on the remaining existing slip piles still in place,” the staff report states.

In addition to all required permits, project owners are also required to complete an Erosion, Sediment and Runoff Control Plan and dwellings must be equipped with an automatic residential sprinkler system.


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