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MAURY THOMPSON Special for The Post-Star

Editor’s Note: This is the latest in a series of articles compiling anecdotes gleaned from the online archives of local newspapers.

Time: “Our sawmills are once again singing the song of the log to the delight of lumberjacks and sawyers. A little more water and an indefinite delay from the freezing shackles of winter are now wanted to partially atone for the long suspension of river affairs. – The Republican of Glen’s Falls, October 11, 1870 (The Republican used the possessive singular for the city name, which was the style at the time.)

Downtown: December 2, 1946, The post-star reported that more than 250 couples attended the newly formed Cosmopolitan Club’s first dance on November 3 at the Queensbury Hotel. Guests were from the Albany and Washington, DC area Robert Dean was the club president.

Downtown: October 22, 1971, The post-star reported that Mr. and Mrs. Peter Avadikian opened Age of Aquarius, a women’s sportswear store, at 160 Warren St.

Nineteenth century vocabulary: Plover – a shorebird with long wings, moderately long legs, a short neck and a straight beak: “Adirondack Murray investigated the Lake Champlain sea snake with a powerful field glass and announced that it did It was just a herd of plovers. . ‘”- The morning star, May 18, 1887

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Fun fact: November 29, 1946, The post-star reported that about 350 students from area schools attended a Thanksgiving Eve dance organized by the French club of St. Mary’s Academy to raise money for French language assistance. Royal Lashway and its orchestra performed. “The gymnasium was decorated with French flags and red, white and blue streamers.”

Dark fact: August 31, 1918 The Mirror of Lake George reported that the Lake George Club board has voted to ban the German language on club grounds.

A historic title that turns heads: “Whiskey is no longer considered an anecdote for poisoning snakes” – The post-star, October 9, 1922, during Prohibition

Sport Information: October 13, 1922, The post-star indicated that preparations are underway for the upcoming “Mid-Season Big Attraction” football game in Derby Park between Hudson Falls and Glens Falls High Schools. “A delegation of state soldiers will watch the field, and with the cooperation of the spectators, a match approaching some college competitions is assured.”

Sport Information: October 11, 1971, The post-star reported that Fort Edward Little League would be hosting a Mortgage Burning Party and Dance at Everett’s Rest on October 16 to celebrate the 1964 mortgage repayment on the Little League grounds.

Superb capture: “Our correspondent from East Lake George writes that an eagle ran into an 8-pound pike in the lake and captured it the other day. The correspondent concludes with the investigation: “Where is the gambling agent Nesbitt?” “” – The morning star, May 4, 1887

Editorial: ” God ! We will never again say that a cheer originated from Glens Falls High School and was subsequently borrowed by the Academy. In fact, we’ll probably never say anything about the cheers again. The subject has become hateful to us, and we want to drop it. – The post-star, December 26, 1922

Oh what a play on words! “Due to the scarcity of the fabric, it is announced that women next year will wear their shorts shorter. Simple men, for the same reason, will continue to wear his suit from last year for a bit longer. – The Mirror of Lake George, June 28, 1919

Quote: “It takes intelligence to build a riverboat, even if it doesn’t look like it. A riverboat is never in a hurry, and people who think they know everything believe that speed is the only thing that needs mediation. Riverboats are built for what they can carry. – The morning star, May 2, 1887

Maury Thompson was a Post star reporter for 21 years before retiring in 2017. He is now a freelance writer and documentary film producer who regularly searches historical newspapers in the region.

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