The 27m Grand Banks 85 will debut at the 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival

The 26.58m Grand Banks 85 is the company’s newest flagship. Following the success of the Grand Banks 60 in 2017 and the Grand Banks 54, the model will make its European debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022 this year.

Like all new Grand Banks models, the GB85 benefits from the endless knowledge gained from building cruising designs for nearly seven decades and delivering over 7,000 yachts.

The GB85 is a Bluewater ocean cruiser that is also nimble with a shallow draft, making it suitable for coastal cruising as well. Designed to travel efficiently at 21 knots for extended cruising and easily handled by owner-operators, the internal configurations also allow for spacious and impressive crew quarters capabilities if so chosen by the owners.

Hull #1 is powered by two 1,000hp Volvo IPS 1350s. In the pre-delivery test, the GB85 met all expectations. Like the entire line of the new generation of Grand Banks, the GB85 rides flat and pushes very little water, demonstrating the superior efficiency of the V-Warp platform.

A 6.75m beam allows Grand Banks to offer a range of internal configurations and amenities for guests and crew. For long-distance cruising, particular attention has been paid to both sociability and intimacy.

“First, we focused on what makes a superior long-distance cruiser en route for long stages,” said Mark Richards, CEO of Grand Banks. “It means understanding the rhythm that occurs when passing through and creating various spaces where you can separate yourself from others off guard. Some people on board concentrate on driving the boat, others relax and others sleep. This approach ticks a lot of boxes in how the design comes together.

The history of the famous Grand Banks line defined the category of “pleasure trawlers”, began as American Marine in 1956. In 1993, at the same time in Sydney, Australia, the Palm Beach brand was created, rapidly evolving from pristine sloops to picnic-style motor yachts, drawing inspiration from and paying homage to the classic lines of lobster-style boats in Australia and the United States. The story of GB Marine Group began in 2014, when Grand Banks acquired Palm Beach Motor Yachts and appointed Mark Richards as Chief Executive Officer.

Credits: A Van der Wal/Grand Banks Yachts


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