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The Superyacht Forum Live Tour series kicks off as the industry’s premier boat show returns …

As part of a recently announced initiative, starting with The Superyacht Forum Live Tour – Monaco Yacht Show, this film / documentary series presents a dynamic new approach to coverage of the superyacht market. In a dramatic departure from the traditional video format of superyachts, The live tour The series will cover all sectors of the industry, while tackling key market challenges with its most respected stakeholders – and all in a way that underscores how fun this market is to be a part of… and you can get involved.

At the Monaco Yacht Show 2021, the Superyacht group’s team of expert journalists and editors will be on the ground with its in-house film crew to lead a series of exclusive executive panels aboard the show’s exceptional superyachts and in a multitude of interesting places, such as as well as interviewing attendees and exhibitors in a short and lively traveling format, all with the aim of creating a series of documentary-style news videos that showcase all the richness of nuance, the complexity and professionalism of the market. Content will be available On demand on our platforms.

If you see us mic in hand, with our film crew, don’t be a stranger; we value market opinions, we love to have interesting conversations with interesting people. In line with the recently announced “Superyacht 2030” mission statement, The Monaco Yacht Show Tour’s Content will focus on the many and varied ways the superyacht market must adapt, evolve and overcome a myriad of challenges in order to remain relevant, become more sustainable, and attract the next generation of superyacht and yacht owners. charter guests.

However, The Monaco Yacht Show Tour is just the start of the journey. Over the next few months and hopefully years to come, The Superyacht Group will be touring the world live all year round. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Live Tours will initially have a European focus, culminating with the long-awaited return of our flagship event, Superyacht Forum Live in Amsterdam, from November 15 to 17. Locations already confirmed for live tours include Southampton, Monaco, Barcelona, ​​Marseille, Genoa, La Spezia, Viareggio, Livorno, Hamburg, Bremen, Rotterdam, Oss, Vlissingen and, of course, Amsterdam.

In 2022, the Superyacht Form Live Tour will bring its intercontinental style and content – with a number of fascinating and cool locations already under discussion. If you would like your location and company to feature as part of the Superyacht Forum Live Tour, whether it is an established or developing hub, please contact our team at the Monaco Yacht Show or, alternatively, contact [email protected].

What places of interest should the Superyacht Forum Live Tour visit in 2022 and beyond?

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