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New appointments: Marianne Hendriks becomes director of marketing and business development for Zeelander Yachts and DutchCraft

Zeelander Yachts and DutchCraft have announced the appointment of Marianne Hendriks as Director of Marketing and Business Development. She will be responsible for marketing and sales strategy, public relations, business development and brand representation. With the current backlog and clear future goals to further grow the business, strong strategic leadership is imperative. Marianne brings over two decades of yachting marketing and business development experience. Drawing on her experience, she will make a valuable contribution to the company’s Executive Committee, guided by CEO Grant Hooper. Grant Hooper and Marianne HendriksTo accommodate growth, the shipyard underwent an impressive logistical change last year and will expand its premises further from April this year. The transformation processes were launched last year and have been guided by CEO Grant Hooper, who brings many years of operational yacht building experience from his time at Princess Yachts. Company owner and sole shareholder, Sietse Koopmans has a strong vision for yacht design and a relentless ambition to grow the business. He appointed both Hooper and Hendriks to assist him in this task. It is of utmost importance for Groot-Ammers Shipyard, Home of Zeelander and DutchCraft, to have a strong, energetic and competent management team. “I have confidence in my team. As we are growing rapidly, we see the need to add an Operations Manager soon, to be defined for the future. We want to build more iconic yachts, increase the number of happy owners,” says Sietse Koopmans. Zeelander Yachts was founded in 2002 in the Netherlands by Sietse Koopmans. The first model was unveiled to the public in 2008. The Z44 launch model received positive reviews at the Monaco Yacht Show and drew huge crowds, despite competing in an event dominated by much larger yachts. Within three years, the Z44 had been successfully introduced in the United States as well as Europe, and it was obvious to add a larger model to the fleet. The first Z55 was delivered in November 2015 and the flagship Z72 was launched in March 2019.Credits: Zeelander Yachts

April 4, 2022


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