SeaDream Yacht Club becomes the first to return to the Black Sea region


SeaDream II has called at ports in Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine

SeaDream Yacht Club has become the first cruise operator to visit various Black Sea ports since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the last week of September, SeaDream II called in Bozcaada, Turkey; Constanta, Romania; Odessa, Ukraine and Varna, Bulgaria. On September 26, it also became the first cruise ship to visit Burgas, Bulgaria, in over three years.

SeaDream II will mark another milestone on October 2 when it becomes the first ship to dock in Istanbul, Turkey since the pandemic. Passengers on the ship will also be the first to use the new $ 1.7 billion Galataport Istanbul facility, which is the world’s first underground cruise terminal. To commemorate the occasion, the Port Authority will offer guests a tote bag filled with Turkish Delight candy, Turkish coffee and a traditional evil eye talisman.

“It’s exciting for our customers to discover new, unique destinations, and these regions are excited to see tourism return,” said Emilio Freeman, vice president of routes and destinations at SeaDream.

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