Reeds 9 Language Manual: Book Review



The Reeds 9 language manual may not have been flying the shelves in the last few months, but for anyone aspiring to sail beyond UK waters again, I would say this is a must-have.

This pocket volume contains specific vocabulary related to boats in French, Danish, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Greek.

It’s very well thought out, being divided into sections relating to the boat, ‘En route’ (this includes port formalities), maintenance and repairs, emergencies.

As a wooden boat owner, I was impressed to discover words such as pug, garboard and stringer in nine languages, although the absence of any guide to the pronunciation of the Greek alphabet makes these sections impenetrable to me. .

Wood types are also included, as well as metal.

In general, the level of detail is impressive, although a strange attack of prudishness means that the section on diseases keeps the private parts of men and women so secret that anyone with a UTI, for example, will have to resort to. gestures.

Diarrhea, constipation, upset stomach, however, everything is fine.

Practical index

There is an index for this moment that you know you need to explain a winch problem with, but you can’t immediately think of which section to look for the words.

The answers can be in ‘Deck & Deck Gear’, ‘Lunching & Retrieving’, ‘Maintenance & Repairs’.

This last section includes a detailed diagram with the vocabulary of ratchets, pawls, pins and spacers.

This language level is not in the index.

Various other missing words, such as VAT certificate, can be found in the appropriate main section (“In port / port”).

A few words (AIS is one) seem to have escaped completely but it is probably inevitable.

Who would have expected to need a “Covid test kit” or “vaccination certificate” when compiling the book?

The missing words that I regret the most are the names of the authors or designers.

It is an admirable small production for which they must be congratulated.

If you ever “come back abroad” you should buy it.

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