“Michael Jordan bought a yacht for $21 million and named it ‘Mr. Terrible’”: How the Bulls legend was asked to buy his first yacht by his wife, Yvette Prieto


Michael Jordan bought his first yacht for a whopping $21 million and hilariously dubbed it ‘Mr. Terrible’.

Michael Jordan has a net worth of over $2.5 billion and has spent that money he has amassed on a variety of projects. He invested in his own steakhouses called “Michael Jordan’s Steakhouses” while co-founding a waterfront restaurant called 1000 North in South Florida.

Jordan has done everything from owning a NASCAR team known as the 23XI Racing team to owning an entire NBA franchise that he bought for $150 million and is now worth over $700 million. dollars. While he made smart investments like the ones mentioned above, he also made quite a few luxury purchases, and that’s understandable.

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Michael Jordan bought himself a private jet (Gulfstream G550) for $61.5 million which he ended up customizing in 2017 to look like the elephant print on some of his Air Jordan colorways. Above all, though, the one thing MJ has purchased in the past that gets talked about the most is his yacht.

Michael Jordan bought a $21 million yacht, then bought another.

Michael Jordan first entered the yachting industry by buying a yacht which he bought for $21 million. This is quite a high price for a yacht, as the average is between $300,000 and $15 million. Of course, it’s MJ we’re talking about here.

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Curiously, Jordan ended up naming this yacht he bought ‘Mr. Terrible’ but that wouldn’t be the end of his journey in terms of buying yachts. He would outdo himself by buying a yacht worth $80 million, nearly 4 times the price of his first yacht.

This second yacht has everything from a movie theater to a club to a basketball court. He deservedly nicknamed this yacht his “joy”.


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