Hugh Evans embraces the passion of sailing with the Lake Keepit Sailing Club | The head of the daily newspaper in the North


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One of the first things Hugh Evans did when he moved to Tamworth early last year was arrange to get his boat out of Keepit Lake. As far as he can remember, the 25-year-old has loved being on the water. “I started when I was eight and I haven’t stopped,” Evans said. Growing up on Macquarie Lake, he had water on his doorstep. READ ALSO: He remembers sailing with his father “on various boats” and encouraging him to join a local sailing club. It was mostly a weekend pastime, but he sometimes organized bigger events. “For me it’s the peace and freedom to go anywhere and explore the waterways and lakes,” Evans said of the sailing he loves. “It is a very peaceful mode of transport”. Likewise, he likes the desire to go quickly on the water with “the spray that goes everywhere”. Like chess on the water, another element he loves about racing is that you always have to think about – tactics, your next move … He said moving to Tamworth in early 2020 with his wife , who was completing his medical diploma exam at the hospital, he was “pleasantly surprised” to find that there was a local sailing club. “So it was not difficult to convince me to move here,” he added. Almost as soon as he could he hit the water and ran the second half of the season. “There’s been a lot of learning about the waterway and the dam and the way it’s done,” Evans said. “It all culminated with the Keepit Kool regatta. I got a fourth place there, which was really satisfying. Building on that momentum, Evans and his laser, which he has had for about eight / nine years, are in great shape to start this season. He won the vice-commodore’s plaque and won a few seconds in the classification (at corrected time). “It’s about sailing as fast as possible and pushing yourself beyond limits,” he said. “I am constantly learning and improving myself.” He added that it’s good to have other laser sailors to compete against. But sailing is not only about competing with other boats, but also the conditions, which can be very different depending on the waterways. For Evans, the biggest difference he found is the strength of the wind. “The force of the wind (at Keepit) is not particularly strong and often quite fluctuating; this all adds to the challenge,” he said. “The lighter winds make you more aware of the movements of the wind on the lake,” he continued. This weekend will be a two-day mini-regatta, the first race will start on Saturday at 2 p.m.


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