Huckin’ Eh: U20 Training Camp, Jazzfest Recap, Team Canada World Games


The biggest episode of Huckin’ Eh to date!

Buckle up for FOUR interviews in this week’s edition of Huckin’ Eh.

Danie returns and talks about Team Canada’s recent U20 training camp in Vancouver. The two hosts then recap the recent Jazzfest tournament in Montreal and Team Canada’s victory at Poultry Days. The main event includes one-on-one interviews with Jazzfest winners Catherine Goulet of Venus and Micheal Kukucska of BOAT. Kevin Underhill and Molly Lewis share their own insights and experiences with the World Games team and provide insight into the recent Poultry Days win.

Huckin’ Eh: U20 Training Camp, Jazzfest Recap, Team Canada World Games

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Don’t miss the subscriber-only bonus segment! In Danie’s farewell for the next few weeks, Theo asks him some in-depth questions about training for Team Canada’s U20 team.

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  1. Theo Wan

    Theo recently quit his teaching career to start a Canadian Ultimate podcast. He’s a self-proclaimed ultimate nerd who’s ready to talk ultimate to anyone who wants to listen. He captained an open club team in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario and resides in Toronto. He’s one half of the Huckin Eh’ podcast, your coast-to-coast guide to all things Canadian Ultimate. Theo is a fan of all Toronto teams and is an avid Michigan State Spartans fan. You can reach him on Instagram (@wan_and_only_sports) or at [email protected].

  2. Daniel Proby

    Daniel Proby

    Danie left a teaching career to pursue a career in the sports industry. She co-founded Vancouver-based Elevate Ultimate, coached the Canadian U20 and U24 team, and basically coached or played on every team in British Columbia. Start a podcast on Canadian Ultimate? I’m sure there’s time for that! You can contact her by email ([email protected]) or on Instagram (@danieproby).

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