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The UK’s new national flagship will be a futuristic Union Jack-clad sailing yacht, if Gresham Yachts has anything to say about it.

The London design studio has unveiled a 387ft which it hopes will be lit by the UK government. Last year Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced plans to replace the decommissioned royal yacht Brittany with a “first of its kind” flagship that will sail around the world to promote British interests. Gresham is one of the potential bidders who have launched a Britannia 2.0 for consideration.

In fact, the company wrote a concept in 2020 even before the Prime Minister asked for it. The sailboat, originally christened Project Albion, laid the foundation for the design you see today.

The sailboat spans 387 feet.

Gresham Yacht Design

The billowing sails sport refined three-masted beauty adorned with the Union Jack and a matching hull in navy blue and red finishes. Although the silhouette is quite classic, the yacht emphasizes sustainability that firmly roots it into the 21st century. That’s quite significant since the folks at 10 Downing Street said the flagship should reflect British design expertise and the latest innovations in green technology.

“The national flagship project is a very exciting proposition and would be an unparalleled opportunity to showcase the best of British talent to the world,” company founder and design director Steve Gresham said in a statement. “This is an opportunity to create a versatile, multifunctional vessel that could be used for official events and exhibitions as well as private meetings and dinners for government officials and dignitaries.”

Gresham says the ship will be environmentally friendly and “will use wind and hybrid power to sail”. It looks like Oceanco’s 417ft Y271 sailing yacht, believed to be owned by Jeff Bezos, which will use three towering 229ft masts to boost propulsion when it is finally launched.

On board, meanwhile, Gresham’s potential flagship will be centered around a large, double-height atrium that could be used as an exhibition space, ballroom or reception area. There will be meeting rooms where Britons can do business at anchor or abroad. Other highlights include a helipad and a hydrogen limo offer that can be used to pick up VIPs.

The UK government has said the chosen vessel will hit the water within the next four years and is expected to be in service for around 30 years. It will be armed by the Royal Navy.

Bring on the next Britannia.

Click here to view all photos of Gresham’s national flagship concept.

Gresham's National Flagship Concept

Gresham Yacht Design


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