Conor McGregor smokes weed instead of training for UFC comeback – Buys a yacht and sails the French Riviera


As a good sportsman and serious fighter, Conor McGregor was about to keep his promise and quit smoking weed and drinking alcohol as his preparations for the return of the UFC are underway. . At least that’s what the public expects of him. However, it looks like Notorious has gotten used to the life he’s been leading for two years.

Although he started training, Conor McGregor continued to enjoy his flamboyant lifestyle. In recent days, he enjoyed drinking good wine and cognac in France. He ended his adventure in Monaco, where he picked up his brand new Lamborghini yacht.

Conor McGregor smokes weed instead of training for his UFC comeback – Buys a yacht and sails the French Riviera

Rumors say that the value of this yacht is somewhere above $3.2 million. The Tecnomar 63 yacht is the 12and total 63 yacht that are to be built. The Notorious symbolically purchases number 12, in homage to its Proper No.12 whiskey brand.

The Notorious is set to return to the octagon following his promise to fans in January. Recently, he posted pictures of himself putting in the effort and saving money, he promised to quit drinking and smoking weed and get back to his healthy lifestyle.

Four months into the pledge and he still doesn’t seem ready to give up any of the vices. He was seen on the yacht, drinking whiskey, smoking weed and partying with a group of people.

The Notorious isn’t taking their announced comeback too seriously at the moment. This leaves his fans in thought. Is he serious about his comeback? Or is he just teasing the audience?

He’s been making some very serious calls recently. He challenged current undefeated UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman and demanded a straight title fight. However, many critics are convinced that this is not the right way to go. The UFC needs to test him before giving him a title shot. After a long break like this, and after so much alcohol and drugs, who can guarantee his condition? According to critics, he physically cannot match Kamaru’s condition and stamina.

And to be honest, there are better fighters than the arrogant Irishman who deserve the title more than him. After all, he’s lost his last two fights. In other words, he’s lost three out of four fights since 2018. He didn’t show what he needed to show against Dustin Poirier in the first or second event.

At first, he managed to win the hearts of the audience with his charisma, but he had the skill to match it. Now he’s still the same charismatic person, but does he still have the skill? The public wants to see him compete. Wants to see him thirsty for a fight, not a bag of money.


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