Belle Isle Boat House ceiling collapse in Belle Isle leads to event cancellations and moves


The DNR is allowing Friends of Detroit Rowing, its longtime tenant, to erect a temporary structure on the property. It will serve as a base and storage area for rowing equipment while structural assessments for the Belle Isle Boat House are completed, Olson said, noting that construction of outbuildings is underway, he said.

Plans for the future of the site must also consider whether the location is the best place to launch crew boats or shells, given the geography and river currents, he said. declared.

The existing storage area in the Boat House has been small for the needs of its non-profit tenants, and there is an endless list of maintenance and repairs associated with the historic building.

Friends of Detroit Rowing developed a master plan for a new rowing facility that would better meet their needs. But it’s still just a concept, and the band would need to raise funds to do so, Olson said.

At the same time, there is public demand to hold wedding receptions and other events at the boathouse, he said.

The ceiling collapse occurred in March on an addition to the northwest corner of the building, where Friends of Detroit Rowing, the nonprofit that rents the historic building, stored oars, Treadwell said.


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