Amer Yachts and Simrad Yachting collaborate for the protection of the environment


Green Assistant is the system designed and developed by Simrad Yachting with the Italian Amer Yachts. Combining electronics and C-Map cartography for sustainable navigation, it was honored at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2022, the major event organized last July in the Principality of Monaco, where it won the Coup de Coeur special.

America 120

The joint victory was celebrated at the Cannes Yachting Festival. During the show, Barbera Amerio, CEO of the Permare Group, received the Coup de Coer, a special prize awarded by the jury to highlight how a virtuous relationship between a boatbuilder and its suppliers can bring important achievements in terms of sustainability.

Particular interest has been shown in the Green Assistant project developed by Amer Yachts with Simrad Yachting, which uses the Command electronic platform to create integrated solutions that help the captain to navigate in the most ecological way possible.

The Green Assistant system uses data connectivity to suggest a necessary, or at least advisable, action in terms of position information, boat status and operations the captain intends to perform.

Simrad and Amer celebrate the Coup de Coer at the Cannes Yachting Festival

The use of Green Assistant, which caught the attention of the jury and Prince Alberto of Monaco himself during their visit to the Amer Yachts stand, is linked to the problem of waste water discharge near the coast, a question important not only for the Principality of Monaco but also elsewhere.

The system can automatically deactivate the pumps if the captain attempts to discharge sewage into areas where this is prohibited. C-Map cartography, combined with electronics and information technology, becomes an indispensable tool for complying with the law, such as when cruising in marine protected areas or along a jagged coastline where it can be difficult to judge the distance.

But thanks to the Command platform’s integration with cartography, the system can also do much more, such as automatically reducing speed if the boat is in an area with a limit, such as a marine park, the entrance to port or area where whales have been sighted. If the system detects that the generators are on and the boat is cruising, it advises the captain with corrective actions, and similarly if the boat is very noisy in a protected area (because of the engines or the hi-fi system for example).

NSO24 evo3S

All data collected can be stored and made available not only to update cartography, but also university and researcher databases, such as those used to study routes and whale sightings.

“This initiative demonstrates how virtuous collaboration between shipyard and supplier can become a model to imitate and represent a paradigm shift: we have demonstrated that each action can contribute to achieving ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) objectives. I am very happy to have been the first to believe in this project and to see Simrad implementing it on our yachts. It demonstrates that a simple idea can become reality thanks to an exceptional partner with great sensitivity and motivation,” said Barbera Amerio, CEO of Permare Group.

In addition to the cup, the prize consisted of a check for 2,000 euros, which the winners donated to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

Amer Yachts was founded in 1990, when the Permare Group started building boats with this brand destined to quickly become synonymous with quality and customization. The founder of the company is the Amerio family. Over the past 40 years, the Permare shipyard has created handcrafted products considered a niche, with more than 80 custom-designed yachts for Italian and international clients.

Credits: Simrad Yachting


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