Aboard the yacht nicknamed the “Ferrari” of the seas


Almost two decades after the launch of the wallypower118, the Monegasque shipyard Wally is back with its greatest success to date. Launched at the Venice Boat Show, the eye-catching wallypower58 was the most talked about boat on the water – and with good reason, as I was to find out.

As the wallypower58 stopped at my hotel by the lagoon, a murmur of excitement rose among the crowd of guests waiting for the water taxis. People crowded in for photos as the striking angular yacht lined up with the quay – casting a unique silhouette that stands out against the sea from the traditional wooden boats that dominate Venice’s waterways. As we, the lucky few, boarded, we felt like VIPs – the envious crowd continued to smash her sleek exterior as we cruised.

Heads continued to turn as we meandered through the many islands of Venice on our way out of the lagoon. From guests and crew aboard passing yachts to local teenagers on their motorboats and paddleboards, everyone stopped and watched, almost mesmerized. The wallypower58 is certainly a yacht for those who like to attract attention, as well as for those who appreciate solid design and modern technology – a large percentage of owners of Wally yachts currently belong to the worlds of design and technology, me said the brand.

Stepping aboard, she immediately feels like a Wally, albeit a little sleeker than previous models. “If the wallywhy200 is like a Mercedes-Benz Vito van, the wallypower58 is like a Ferrari,” said Luca Bassani, founder of Wally, highlighting its “pure lines dominated by the double chines of the hull and the air intakes” .

The contemporary vessel is marketed as a day boat and it certainly has the space for entertaining. We started the day sunbathing on the bow and ended it napping on the 25m² aft deck (enlarged thanks to the folding bulwark ‘wings’), where a large sunbathing area has an optional awning that can be raised at the touch of a button if the sun gets too hot. Guests feeling the heat can also cool off in the air-conditioned 12m² open-but-covered cockpit, or take a dip on the boat’s innovative hydraulic platform that lowers into the water.

Below deck there is an overnight cabin that can accommodate up to four people, allowing owners to turn a day trip into a getaway. It’s also where you’ll find Wally’s latest innovation, a window-like “magic porthole” that gives guests an outside view of the outside world in real time.

“To minimize the side openings that usually spoil the lines of the hull, we decided to eliminate them completely and install on each side of the boat a camera with 4K resolution and a stabilized gimbal”, explains Stefano de Vivo, general manager of Wally and CCO. of the Ferretti group. “The two cameras are connected to two screens mounted port and starboard in the saloon, creating a wide exterior view without having any portholes. We are very proud of this innovative and efficient solution which requires less maintenance than portholes, no risk of damaging the windows when docking and above all maximum privacy both at anchor and in port.

When we got out of the lagoon and out to sea, the boat really came into its own – she features Wally’s efficient deep-V hull, delivering efficiency, stability and a commendable cruising speed of 35 knots.

“At Wally we often say that our yachts are 20 years ahead of their time and in this case it is true as the new wallypower58 honors the aesthetics of the revolutionary wallypower118, some two decades after its introduction on the market world,” says de Vivo. “Of course, we have also incorporated the many technical and practical innovations we have developed since 2003, ensuring that the wallypower58 leads the way for yachts in its class for many years to come. “

The yacht is the brainchild of Bassani, who continues to take on the role of chief designer from Wally after selling the business to Italian shipbuilding powerhouse Ferretti Yachts in 2019. Bassani has spent the past three years working with the Ferretti team, led by CEO Alberto Galassi. , to expand the fleet. “On the one hand I have Bassani, a volcano of ideas, and on the other I have the atomic battery which is Galassi – he doesn’t stop,” de Vivo says. “It’s great to have both because a battery on its own has nothing to propel and a volcano has no direction. I’m in the middle to bring them together.”

Wally is currently gearing up to launch several additional new models that it will unveil over the coming months, including the 58X (late 2022), two new Wallywhys (in December 2022 and September 2023) and a custom Wally 101 racing cruiser (in 2023 ).


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