6 best sun protection and comfort kits for sailors


Toby Hodges takes a look at some of the best sun protection kits on the market for sailors, from hammocks and fans to sunscreens and hats

Year round sun exposure and the double impact of the rays reflecting off the water means sailors are at high risk for skin damage, making sun protection essential on board.

Cruise ships and those who regularly sail in the tropics will know the value, if not the need to install quality biminis and awnings, as well as the requirement for ventilation under decks.

For those of us who are more sun-deprived and thirsty for vitamin D, or when installing biminis for a short summer season is less convenient, then protect ourselves and each crew member from the effects. harmful UV rays is invaluable. The radiation emitted by the sun is an invisible killer, which can pass through clothing and is responsible for 90% of skin melanomas.

LifeJacket, a UK sunscreen brand (see below), recently partnered with SkinVision, to encourage people to regularly check for skin cancer by offering its customers free, instant and unlimited skin exams. for seven days.

The app uses artificial intelligence to compare a user’s skin spots and moles with millions of images of known skin cancers to provide a risk score. More than 1.3 million people have used the app worldwide and LifeJacket reports that 92,000 cases of skin cancer have been detected.

Red Original Quick Dry Microfiber Changing Robe

Dry bathrobes are the latest addition to beach chic it seems and have quickly become a fashion accessory. But they are still handy for those who want to get in and out of the sea frequently. During long summer evenings in particular, you may want to stay in the water as long as possible and a comfortable, dry bathrobe might help. dry off, change and warm up quickly. It has a breathable and waterproof outer shell, adjustable long sleeves and a chest pocket for valuables. £ 145.

If space and drying are an issue, the quick-drying robe may be more suitable – made from an absorbent, anti-bacterial microfiber towel, it fits in a storage bag and is a third of the cost of the robe above.

Shop the Red Original Quick Dry Microfiber Changing Robe at redoriginal.com

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Florence Marine X UPF

John John Florence, the world’s best surfer and a fairly maneuverable sailor, has developed a new line of clothing bearing the Florence Marine X badge. At its heart are products designed for longevity and sourced and produced in a sustainable manner using almost exclusively recycled materials.

Shunning the fast fashion route, her model is “a model built on respect for quality, performance and the responsibility to take care of the places we explore”, explains Florence.

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Once a novelty, then an essential item for boaters, a waterproof bag is now a must for all sailors …

These UPF shirts particularly caught our attention. An increasing number of sailors in the tropics and sailors with reduced crews wear hooded clothing and full skin coverings. They are made from 100% recycled polyester while providing UPF 50+ protection and contain breathable and antibacterial panels.

The integrated hood and gaiter should prove to be a blessing for those who feel the rays burning the back of their necks during long days afloat.
Also available in long-sleeved T-shirts or T without hood, or in hooded lycras.

Buy the Florence Marine X long sleeve top at florencemarinex.com

Sunscreen for life jacket

British brand LifeJacket Skin Protection points out that men are often not as good at protecting and controlling their skin as women and are twice as likely to die from skin cancer.

Its mission is to prevent skin cancer in men. It offers a range of moisturizers and sunscreens available individually or in different packs with high (30) or very high (50) SPF levels, non-greasy, water resistant and safe for reefs.

It also manufactures a range of UPF 50+ clothing, including t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts and a wide-brimmed sun hat with elasticated drawstring.

See a full guide to sailing hats here.

Buy LifeJacket Sunscreen at lifejacketskinprotection.com

Rheos floating sunglasses

Crow’s feet wrinkles, I can take. The long-term damage to my eyes from glare and UV on the water is of growing concern to me. It is therefore essential to find and wear suitable polarized sunglasses that offer complete UV protection. Besides my trusty SunGods, whose lenses can be replaced (and I’ve found that the lens coating can peel off in salt water), the three types of tints I’ve worn most recently are from Bolle, Oakley and Rheos.

Rheos offers durable and affordable sunglasses for men, women and kids, made with super light frames to ensure they float. Their hydrophobic lenses are 100% anti-UV. The company was founded by a husband and wife team from Charleston, SC, and all models use the Nylon Optics signature, to provide improved clarity and impact resistance.

I tried its Palmetto model in Gunmetal / Navy ($ 55) and found the lenses to be wonderfully clear afloat, blocking out harsh glare and helping identify what lies below the surface. However, I have found that the arms stretch a bit so they don’t stay in place so easily on the top of the head.

Rheos has teamed up with clothing brand Southern Tide to launch a new line of sunglasses for the summer, including this Edisto line ($ 78).

Shop for Rheos Floating Sunglasses at rheosgear.com.

Check out a full guide to the best sunglasses here.

MeacoFan 260

I love the heat of summer, but I need coolness at night or in my office to work. This neat unit arrived at the dawn of a heat wave last year and has proven to be invaluable on land and afloat. My hangar office only has one set of doors, no windows that open, so ventilation is an issue. Likewise, our boat only has a small overhead hatch above the main berth.

This MeacoFan is compact and lightweight at just 490g, so ideal for taking in between. It’s also perfectly quiet – without the obnoxious rattling of many cabin fans – meaning you can leave it running all night or while you work or without it distracting you.

The base includes a non-slip handle and a low light night light. The Meaco is charged via a standard Micro C USB port and has four fan speeds, the lowest speed providing up to 14 hours of use on a single charge. I used it for weeks at night and praised the gentle breeze it floated over my face as it regularly put me to sleep.

Buy the MeacoFan 260 on Amazon

Yellow leaf hammock

A hammock is surely the definition of relaxation. And since yachts have plenty of standing rigging to hook one up, keeping a quality hammock that easily stows away on board can be instant stress relief.

Each Yellow Leaf hammock is hand-woven by craftswomen of the Mlabri tribe – “the people of the yellow leaves” – in the hills of northern Thailand. So you can relax knowing that you are helping to harness their skills and artistry and create employment opportunities in an area of ​​poverty. Made from weather resistant materials.

Buy Hammocks with Yellow Leaves: Lanta Classic Double Hammock on Amazon

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