Purchase of Receivables: 5 Debtors


Not few companies are looking for companies to buy back receivables from individuals or legal entities. These companies offer the purchase of credit obligations, debts, and loans of a different kind – both buying debt from a bank and buying bad loans and overdue debts from fast online lending companies.

Buying a claim means that the holder of one claim transfers it to another for a specified fee. The objective is to ensure fast liquidity of the receivables. On this page we will introduce you to several agencies and companies to buy loans and other similar obligations.

1. An Outstanding Debt Control Agency

  • Buys loans and receivables to provide you with quick liquidity, takes the risk for you.
  • A financial institution registered with the BNB, active in the field of overdue receivables, applies all legal actions for their collection.
  • He negotiates, concludes agreements.
  • Every claim before proceeding to buy is valued very carefully, based on all the details.
  • Buys receivables from different types of industries, the goal is to preserve the image of your company.
  • If you are financially burdened and unable to pay your obligations, present your problem to the Agency and it is possible to conclude a rescheduling agreement or to drop some of it.

2. ECS Bulgaria

  • Offering a debt and debt redemption service, protecting your reputation, providing cash flow to focus on your core business.
  • Produces and implements individual and systematic debt management solutions to minimize bad debts.
  • It uses modern techniques and a combination of different methods of continuous revenue instead of having overdue receivables.
  • Long-term expertise in banking, communal, telecommunication or inter-company receivables.
  • Focus on the specific situation, consider what the customer can pay you, buy the other part.
  • The company provides local contacts with international experience, the team of specialists thinks globally, acts locally.

3. Logos TM

  • Purchase receivables and prepare a detailed analysis of your receivables and offer working solutions.
  • Performs intelligent financial activity that provide liquidity.
  • Serious experience in the purchase of receivables, their restructuring, optimization and subsequent realization.
  • The company is a provider of successful investment solutions, with broad practice in the changing domestic and international economic circumstances.
  • The company is a licensed financial house, registered in the Central Register of the BNB as a financial institution, founder and shareholder on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and the Central Depository, entered in the Register of personal data controllers from the Commission for Personal Data Protection.


  • It offers specialized services related to the purchase of debt by a bank, the purchase of bad loans from non-bank financial institutions and companies from other sectors.
  • Purchase of credit obligations passes through several stages: a contract of confidentiality between the parties is signed, an analysis and evaluation of the preliminary information provided by the client about the non-performing receivables is made, an agreement is reached on the purchase price (it is competitive and marketable) sign the necessary documents, the transaction is formed legally and the company’s cases are transferred.
  • Buying uncollected receivables easily and quickly turns them into real financial assets, reduces the likelihood of unforeseen inflation losses.
  • It saves time and significant additional funds to be paid in advance by the creditor for judicial and preliminary proceedings and for other actions taken to collect the receivables.
  • The company employs specialists from different fields – lawyers, financiers, economists with experience in management, assessment and redemption of receivables, with a decision on a case-by-case basis, with stable and correct relations in order to manage their cases effectively and consequently to increase their profits.

5. Racecours

  • Buys portfolios of receivables in different types of industries, from individuals or legal entities.
  • Company with a full Bulgarian participation registered as a personal data administrator.
  • Recognizes unfair clients and partners, works with advanced models for pre-research, develops contracts with all possible situations that may arise.
  • Professionals in the field of debt collection and redemption, know the best tactics and strategies, adhere strictly to the legislation of our country.
  • Each case is considered carefully, according to its specific individual characteristics.

What is the redemption of claims and what are its peculiarities?

What is the redemption of claims and what are its peculiarities?

There are many transactions of a different nature in the country’s economic life. Broadly known and widely applicable are purchases and sales of goods or services. In each deal, we have two parties – the supplier / seller / of the good or service on the one hand and the customer / recipient / on the other.

The relationship between them is clear and categorical – one delivers, the other pays. If the customer does not pay immediately, at the moment, a claim arises for the provider. The manner and the period within which the claim will be due shall be governed by a written agreement. Recovery is money that a physical person, a firm, a financial organization, and others have to receive for having provided a good or a service.

In economic practice, claims have an important and serious place, almost every organization has claims from individuals. Delayed payments have a negative impact on companies’ performance, often making it more difficult, due to the availability of receivables and cash shortages.

In order to make a claim, organizations have invested money, effort, time and can not take their money. A process of writing reminders, phone calls, sending messages has begun. Any claim must be proved, it may be necessary to have relevant documents or to have a contract. Recovery becomes a burden that everyone wants to get rid of, looking for companies that can redeem the debt.

We have redemption of receivables when the holder of a claim takes it to another for a fee. The debtor is in serious trouble and can not discharge his obligation. Often, the debtor is looking for quick loans without a contract of employment , refinancing bad loans or pooling bad loans and other methods to borrow , but fails. His debt remains and the creditor can not collect his money.

Buying receivables clears the balance sheet, provides cash for new investments or working capital. The debtor must not give his consent when buying the receivables.

Buying loans is a good way to ensure quick liquidity of receivables. Receipt is sold and bought at a certain price, which depends on many factors, it has specific features.

Important is the currency in which the claim is made, its size and past due date, each case is individual, must be valued very carefully with the active participation of the person selling it.

Even if you do a serious financial research on the client – whether he is reliable and correct, whether he will pay, there is no guarantee, because the field is very dynamic, the financial processes are not always as expected.

Buying receivables and other credit obligations is a delicate activity, sometimes clients are temporarily hampered, their attitude must be loyal and professional, they must have some tolerance, because they can regain their financial stability and benefit competing firms.

Purchase of receivables is a complex process that has several stages: the client provides information about the non-performing receivable, it is analyzed and evaluated, the redemption price is negotiated, the transaction is legally and documented.