Loans During Training


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Make a non-binding loan request now


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best chances with guarantors

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As a trainee you sometimes need money that you can not earn during the apprenticeship. Whether it is to finance the training or because you need a car for training or even move out of the home. If you are lucky, you can get loans during training at the bank. But to get a loan here, a few conditions must be met.

Loans during training are not uncommon


Many apprentices have the desire for a loan. For this to become a reality, the person affected must have reached the age of 18. In addition, the loan amount must be chosen so that it matches the income and the collateral. Many banks look closely at how long the training is still going and accordingly adjust the term of the loan thereafter.

We saw this here and thought of you:

The training is to be seen as a permanent employment relationship. What comes next, no one can assess. At most one is one of the few lucky apprentices who already have a promise for the takeover in their pocket. In addition, the income must be appropriate. The higher this is, the better.

Should the income not be sufficient for one of the loans during the training, then a co-applicant must be brought on board. In this case, the parents are happy to see the parents as co-applicants. However, they should have a steady and high income.

If no income is earned during the training, a guarantee must be sought. The guarantor must also have an income and must not be negative in the Schufa. If you still have a current account as a trainee, the chances are quite good that you will get a loan.

But beware: For all the joy of the credit must never be forgotten that this must be paid. The term and the loan amount should be chosen in your own interest so that the loan is not a permanent burden but can be paid as quickly as possible. If only with the help of the parents. But they certainly like to jump in if they can offer their child a good future.