Cash Credit for the Unemployed




Avoid dubious providers


In magazines and newspapers you will find numerous classifieds in which a cash advance for the unemployed is offered despite Schufa. Interested parties should bear in mind, however, that human predicaments attract dubious or even criminal business people. In the field of “credit despite Schufa and without salary” many black sheep frolic. When paying the agreed loan amount such lenders are friendly, later the unemployed will quickly regret the contract.

Mostly, such entrepreneurs charge high interest rates of fifteen percent or more, so people with little money can not pay the installments. In case of late payment, the interest multiplied. In the absence of payments, such providers often resort to collection methods that are on the verge of legality. Such lenders should necessarily avoid the unemployed despite financial hardship.


Even with urgent financial needs: compare offers


But there is hope: even trustworthy companies provide a cash loan for the unemployed despite Schufa, but the higher risk is reflected in the conditions, the unemployed have to pay higher interest rates than borrowers with good credit ratings. However, a look at the various conditions shows that there are considerable interest rate differentials between the providers in the case of cash loans despite Schufa. Interested parties should therefore compare the conditions despite time pressure.

On the Internet, searchers will find comparison portals on which they can research interest rates and installment rates with little effort. Even in a forced situation, everyone should remember that the loan amount and the interest must pay again. Every tenth of a percentage point lower interest rate means a lower monthly burden.

A cash advance for the unemployed, despite Schufa, also offers private investors through specialized platforms. This option should also be checked by searchers. However, they must explain what they need the money for and how they intend to repay it. In a credible application, interested parties then contact.

How to reduce the interest rate

How to reduce the interest rate

Even if credit seekers can not provide proof of salary and the Schufa gives a negative information, they can have collateral. This may, for example, be a life insurance policy that the unemployed can not resolve in a timely manner. But you can lend them and get better conditions. Alternatively, they can specify a guarantor. He must commit himself to take over any arrears. He has to demonstrate that he has these financial leeway.