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If you request a cash loan direct lender on the website immediately and be approved, you can look forward to a quick payment to your bank account. The time when money appears on your account depends on more circumstances, including when you filed the application or the bank with which you have an account. However, it is quite common for loans to be processed immediately, including the transfer, within minutes. If you are really in a hurry to make money, be sure to let us know in advance how long the transfer will be waiting for – some providers even handle weekends, others only on weekdays.

Reliable non-bank loans immediately on account

Among the loan products, there are many types of loans that almost everyone can choose from – from those who are interested in a high loan for their business, through employees who need to borrow money for new housing to the poor who need an only small and fast loan for a short time. Especially the speed of such a loan is very important in the latter case – the primary in this area is played by non-bank providers who offer loans immediately.

Non-bank loans have grown rapidly in the past few years, and a huge competition has emerged in this business. Those interested in a fast non-bank loan can thus choose from dozens of different companies that fight not only the level of fees and interest but also various bonuses and other benefits. Especially popular is the first free loan, which is not only fast but also due to the absence of fees and interest, the most advantageous.

In the case of instant loans, their availability for all types of clients is also an important feature – they can usually be obtained by people with debts, without work, on maternity leave, pensioners, and so on. flight. This category also includes a pre-payday loan and other short-term loans, while banks tend to specialize in higher loans with repayments over several years.

Advantages of the loan immediately

  • unambiguously speed – you can have money in minutes
  • comfort – no need to go anywhere, you can handle everything on the computer via the Internet
  • a high chance of approval – the vast majority of buyers actually get the money
  • possibility to extend the maturity – if you have no repayment, you can postpone the term
  • various special offers, discounts or bonuses for regular clients

Disadvantages of the loan immediately

  • Except for a free loan, higher fees are charged than for a bank loan
  • it is only a smaller amount, the processing of high loans usually takes longer
  • You must repay the money quickly, most often within one month
  • there are high fees for renewal when you renew repeatedly, the loan will cost you dearly
  • If you do not pay the credit on time or extend it in time, you will be subject to a very high fine

Frequently asked questions about loans immediately

A few acquaintances advised me where to take the loan right away, but everyone advised me of another business. How do I know which loan is best?

Take a look at the individual offers on the Internet and use one of the loan comparison sites. You can easily compare the differences between them and find out more about them – all on a single page.

What is the lowest age I have to achieve to get a loan?

The minimum is 18 years, younger people can’t get a loan ever. However, some non-bank companies have an age shifted above, in some cases up to 23 years.

I’ve been out of work since last month. Can I get the loan or am I unlucky?

There is usually no problem with this type of loan – there is usually no need to prove the income for the loan, so you can get it as unemployed without any problems.

I’m afraid that a loan over the Internet is not safe – can’t I handle it personally at a branch?

Most of the fast non-bank loans can only be arranged online, but for some, the loan can be handled in person. But then the deal is not so fast and you can wait a few days. The same applies to loans sent by postal order, where the payout is much slower than with a bank transfer.

I am attracted by one loan, which is paid out immediately and is also free – is it not just an advertising trick?

It may be so, but in general such loans exist and there are several. Be sure to check the offer on the Internet to make sure it is a serious company.

Extending the loan immediately

One of the specific features of this type of loan is the possibility of postponing its due date. How long can a loan be extended and how much does it cost?

  • most providers offer an extension, but you need to ask for it in time
  • the extension of the loan is not free of charge;
  • somewhere you can extend the loan just once or twice, elsewhere you can extend it as many times as you want
  • usually, the due date can be shifted by one week, 14 days or one month

APR for a loan immediately

Not only for fast loans, but also for all others, we can see the abbreviation RPSN. This means an annual percentage rate of charge and is a useful indicator, especially for higher and longer-term loans, which can give an indication of how advantageous the loan is. For small loans of several thousand, which have a maturity of, for example, a month, the APR is extremely high – but it is logical for these loans. The rate is recalculated per year, so it is clear that the monthly loan will be completely different than for long-term loans. In the case of a quick short-term loan, there is no point in following the APR – rather focus on the fees and the total amount you will have to pay.